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Issue 10

$7.00 NZD

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  • Image of Issue 10
  • Image of Issue 10

Issue 10 of Overcom, a literary journal featuring work by queer writers and artists.

This queer literary journal gives a glimpse of the end of the world as we know it. While observing the apocalypse we saw some things you might expect: a sun-rotten halo, the sky like a steel door, and a concert of falling stone. But as the nuclear heat hits, things get anarchic… imagine Year 13 pranks, listening to 2000’s emo in a woolshed, pouring Waikato Draught over the hood of a Porsche, eating cigarette butts out of a soggy CBD gutter, and hallucinating that your mouth is a torch. Doomsday is here, and it feels like the last time you felt good crying; like your DNA unwinding; like eating a recreation of your childhood dinner and realising it's not the same way your mum made it. It’s a bedtime story that induces a nightmare. It’s the technicolour act of forgetting. But don’t worry; there is something sweet about watching the sky fall. So, hold your loved ones close and watch it all decay. You never know– you may ascend into another realm.

Writing by
Alia Govin-Fowler
Amanda Joshua
Clare Havell-Shufflebotham
Damien Levi
Davien Gray
Eloise Yallop
Jess Harrison
Naomii Seah
Of Crafts and Curios
Regz Henare
Sara Bucher
Victoria Lewis

Art by
gormo hendo
Rewa Fowles
Simone Dobbie

Edited by Grace Shelley and Mary Mosteller

We want to make sure Overcom is accessible to everyone, regardless of financial situation. If you would like a copy of Overcom, but find the cost prohibitive, you can place a free order by filling out this form.

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