Issue 7

$7.00 NZD

  • Image of Issue 7
  • Image of Issue 7

Issue 7 of Overcommunicate, a literary journal featuring work by queer writers and artists.

Cover art by
Chelsea Bauer

Poetry, short stories, and artwork by
Alana Rodrigues Birch
cat atkinson
Cosmo Bones
gorm hendo
Jayda Franks
Kelly Smith
Kyra Lawler
Lara Brownie
Lee Lamont
Lily Holloway
Pippi Jean
Rachel Lockwood
Rebecca Hawkes

Edited by Grace Shelley

We want to make sure Overcom is accessible to everyone, regardless of financial situation. If you would like a copy of Overcom, but find the cost prohibitive, you can place a free order by filling out this form.

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