The Collected Issues 4 and 5

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  • Image of The Collected Issues 4 and 5
  • Image of The Collected Issues 4 and 5

This edition brings together the content from the original fourth and fifth issues of Overcommunicate. Excitement springs from the sight of a lemon. Lovers yearn for the normalcy of being taken for granted. Comfort can be found in lists, and in rants, and in reclamations. Go ahead and adopt pussies, come out to your family via social media, and drown your crush’s boyfriend in the ocean. Desire equality, queer heroes, and the hot AI voice you hear in your pod. And enjoy both Cosmo Bones’ and kūkū’s celebrations of queer love, which originally graced the covers of Issue 4 and 5 respectively, and now adorn the front and back cover of this edition.

Writing by
Alana Rodrigues Birch
Anique Jayasinghe
Anna Laura
Chloe Gay
em laurie
Jessie Lewthwaite
Madeleine Lifsey

Art by
Cosmo Bones
Dean Winter
Janine Boon
Lara Morgan – Blasphemy
Lauren Turner
Rosheen Leslie
Stevie Hancox-Monk
Willow Scarlett

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The Collected Issues 1, 2 and 3
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