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Issue 9

$7.00 NZD

  • Image of Issue 9
  • Image of Issue 9

Issue 9 of Overcom, a literary journal featuring work by queer writers and artists.

This queer literary journal draws on the spirit of Aotearoa’s fleeting summers: great-grandma’s bach, dense undergrowth, rain-soaked road trips, mosquitoes, werewolves, nosebleeds, exorcisms. Join us for chance conversations in the salon, sun nourishing the sage, fungi that bleed and skin that bleeds, sex without kissing, and ghosts in your throat. A sunflower paints its own portrait; a monster holds multitudes; a speck of glitter travels far. Play ‘I spy’ with Noah’s ark, pixelated sunsets, the rabbit in the orchard, and saplings in the sunlight. This is the summer you’ve yearned for.

Writing by
Cadence Chung
Chris Yee
Ethan Christensen
harold coutts
Hebe Kearney
Jackson McCarthy
Kate Bodger
Kyra Lawler
Laura Vincent
Loretta Riach
Lukas Kofoed Reimann
Meg Falconer
Zoë Deans

Art by
hey scaredy cat
Judi Soutar
laurel & bears
Stephanie Smith

Edited by Grace Shelley

We want to make sure Overcom is accessible to everyone, regardless of financial situation. If you would like a copy of Overcom, but find the cost prohibitive, you can place a free order by filling out this form.

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