Ordering Drinks Always Floored Me

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'It was so dark in the bar I could hardly make out anything except Doreen. With her white hair and white dress she was so white she looked silver. I think she must have reflected the neons over the bar. I felt myself melting into the shadows like the negative of a person I’d never seen before in my life .'

'Ordering Drink Always Floored Me' is a zine by Grace Shelley, about Sylvia Plath's 'The Bell Jar'. It starts as a close reading of a passage from the novel, and transforms into a personal essay about a moment in Grace's life. This is an A6-sized zine.

An Overcom Press publication.

Shipping is $2 within Aotearoa or NZ$4 to everywhere else. (If purchased with an A5-sized zine, the higher shipping price will apply.)